Remuneration committee

Supports the Board on decisions regarding remuneration to the Managing Director including proposals and follow-up on the KPI’s for variable salary which includes ESG parameters.

The remuneration committee consist of Staffan Knafve (chairman) and Per Seime.

Audit committee

Supervises the Company’s financial reporting including the sustainability reports and is providing support to the Board in the decision making process regarding such matters.

The audit committee consist of Klas Brand (chairman) and Staffan Knafve.

Technical committee

Follows-up on technical evaluations and operational work and reviews the operations management system including HSE matters.

The Technical committee consist of Rob Anderson (chairman) and Per Seime.

Sustainability committee

Responsible for reviewing and monitoring the continuity and progress of the Groups sustainability goals, the management of sustainability risks and the compliance with the Company Policies and the Code of Conduct.

The Sustainability committee consist of all members of the Board with Klas Brand as chairman.