• Tethys Oil – Exploring Oman since 2006

    Tethys Oil is an oil exploration and production company with focus on onshore areas with known oil discoveries. The company’s core area is the Sultanate of Oman, where it has been present since 2006 and currently holds interests in Blocks 3&4, Block 49, Block 56 and Block 58. Tethys Oil has 2P reserves of 26.2 mmbo and 2C Contingent Resources of 15.6 mmbo and had an average oil production of 11,136 barrels per day during 2021.

Extraordinary distribution of SEK 5/share

The Annual General Meeting resolved on an extraordinary distribution of SEK 5 per share.
The last day of trading in the Share before the share split and with right to receive Redemption Shares is May 31, 2022

Tethys Oil will publish the year-end report 2022 on Tuesday, 7 February 2023 at approximately 7:30 CET.

Webcasted conference call on the same day at 10.00 CET.


11,136 barrels of oil per day

Tethys Oil’s share of production in 2021 from Blocks 3&4 in the Sultanate of Oman, amounted to 4,064,803 barrels of oil, corresponding to 11,136 barrels of oil per day, before government take. Oil production in Oman is subject to production limitations under the OPEC+ agreement. The Omani production limitations are not expected to be a limiting factor for Tethys Oils production output during 2022.

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