Operational update Lithuania

• Lapgiriai-1 well on Raiseiniai license flows small amounts of oil and
confirms presence of an active petroleum system
• Silale-2 well being drilled on the Rietavas license to appraise the Silale
oil field

The Raiseiniai license
The Lapgiriai-1 well on the Raiseiniai license was spudded in April and was
drilled to a total depth of 1,129 metres. The well confirmed the presence of
oil in the Silurian lime stone formation and during subsequent production
testing small amounts of oil have been produced to surface. In order to define
oil traps and to identify potentially oil bearing fracture systems, a partly EU
funded 3D seismic study covering 80 square kilometres around the well area will
be carried out. The collection of data has started.
“We are very pleased with the results, which confirm the presence of an active
petroleum system on the Raiseiniai license,” comments Tethys Oil’s managing
director Magnus Nordin.
The Rietavas license
The exploration and appraisal work on the Rietavas license continues. Existing
data has been compiled and analysed. Particular focus has been given to data
from the Silale oil field, which was discovered in the eighties by the Silale-1
well. Silale-1 flowed 150 bopd from the Cambrian sandstones, but the field was
never properly appraised nor put into production. Silale-1 was re-opened in
January 2012, producing at some 30 bopd. The well has undergone various tests
and been in intermittent production since then. An appraisal well Silale-2 is
now in progress to further appraise the Silale field. Silale-2 is drilled 1.5
km west of Silale-1 and is designed to reach its total depth in the Cambrian
“The Silale field could very well be ‘a look-alike’ to the producing fields on
the adjacent Gargzdai license. We are awaiting the results of the Silale
appraisal well with great interest, comments Magnus Nordin.
Tethys Oil has a 26% indirect interest in the Raiseiniai license and 14%
indirect interest in the Rietavas license. Tethys interests in these Lithuanian
onshore licences are held indirectly through a shareholding in the Danish
private company Jylland Olie.
For further information, please contact
Magnus Nordin, Managing Director, phone +46 70 576 6555; magnus@tethysoil.com
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