Operational Update Block 56 – Metering skid for Al Jumd well test commissioned

The Fiscal Meter to be used for the extended well test of the Al Jumd discovery on Block 56 onshore Oman has been approved and the metering skid is fully commissioned.

The metering skid has been successfully installed at Tethys Oil’s offloading facility at Simsim. Trucking of oil from Al Jumd to the skid in order to empty the storage tanks at Al Jumd is ongoing. Once completed, the Long-Term Production test of the Al Jumd discovery will commence.

“We are delighted that the Fiscal Meter for the long-term production testing of the Al Jumd discovery has finally been installed, approved and successfully commissioned. We would like to take this opportunity to convey our thanks and appreciation to the Ministry of Energy and Minerals, Petroleum Development Oman, Medco Oman and all Contractors without whose direct involvement this achievement would not have been possible. We are now looking forward to continued good cooperation as the testing unfolds”, says Tethys Oil’s Managing Director Magnus Nordin.

Tethys Oil AB, through its wholly owned subsidiary Tethys Oil Oman Onshore Limited, is the operator holding 65 per cent interest in Blocks 56. Partners are Biyaq Oilfield Services holding 25 percent and Intaj LLC and Medco Arabia Ltd holding 5 percent respectively.