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First quarter report 2014

2014-05-06T07:30:00 CET


  • New production record each month during first quarter 2014  
  • First quarter production increase 25 per cent compared with fourth quarter 2013. Total production amounted to 608,582 barrels corresponding to 6,762 barrels per day. The increase is mainly due to continued successful appraisal in the B4EW4 area
  • New oil discovery onshore Oman - Exploration well B4EW6 flows in excess of 2,200 barrels per day
  • Appraisal well on area 4 (B4EW4-7) encounters oil and confirms reservoir extension to the south east  
  • First quarter 2014 net sales of MSEK 195 compared to MSEK 193 in fourth quarter 2013. Net sales has not kept up with production increase which has created an increased underlift position at 31 March 2014 compared to 31 December 2013  
  • Net result after tax first quarter 2014 of MSEK 58 compared to MSEK 45 during fourth quarter 2013. OPEX and the depletion rate is higher during first quarter 2014, but the exploration costs during the fourth quarter 2013 still result in an increase in result on a quarter to quarter basis  
  • First quarter 2014 earnings per share before and after dilution of SEK 1.62 compared to SEK 1.26 during fourth quarter 2013  
  • Tethys Oil signed a four year, up to MUSD 100, senior revolving reserve based lending facility with BNP Paribas. The lending facility will reduce and optimize the financing costs as well as increasing operational and financial flexibility                              



  • In April 2014, Tethys Oil completed the early redemption of the MSEK 400 bond loan. To redeem the bond loan, Tethys Oil paid 104.50 per cent of the nominal amount and accrued interest to all bond holders. The payment was made 7 April 2014


MSEK (unless specifically stated) First quarter 2014 Fourth quarter 2013 First quarter 2013 Change, %

Q1 2014 to Q4 2013
Production, before government take (bbl) 608,582 499,028 368,481 22%
Average daily production, before government take (bbl) 6,762 5,424 4,094 25%
Net sales, after government take (bbl) 280,782 271,175 209,538 4%
Average selling price per barrel, USD 106.56 108.47 107.63 -2%
Net sales of oil and gas 195 193 146 1%
Operating result 83 52 124 60%
EBITDA 130 148 152 -12%
Result for the period 58 45 105 29%
Earnings per share before and after dilution, SEK 1.62 1.26 2.94 29%
Cash and cash equivalents 363 295 270 23%
Investments 45 80 35 -44%


Dear Friends and Investors

25%. That is our production increase compared to the final quarter last year. The comprehensive drilling programme is paying off and lead times from discovery to production remain excellent. The appraisal well B4EW4-7 on area 4 encountered oil and confirmed reservoir extension to the south east. Another appraisal well is currently on-going so sooner or later we will find out where the B4EW4 reservoir structure ends. Let us hope it is later rather than sooner. We are appraising the area 6 (B4EW6) discovery and we are drilling another Lower Buah exploration well. And we expect to start drilling our first Masirah Graben exploration well later in the second quarter. But amid all this activity, let us stop to scrutinize the first quarter in a little more detail.

Average daily production for the quarter of 6,762 bopd was the highest quarterly production number in the company's history.  Oil prices were almost flat compared to the previous quarter and we report an average selling price of USD 107 per barrel. Our net sales of MSEK 195 are also record high, but the sales could have been higher. Timing issues in sales have again resulted in higher production than sales volumes and we leave the quarter in an underlifted position of over 43,000 barrels. As for the bottom line, we are happy to report a result for the first quarter of MSEK 58.

All in all, a total of 15 wells were completed on Blocks 3 and 4 during the first quarter 2014. The development of the water injection system in the Barik layer on the Farha South oil field has also continued and further strengthened and stabilized the production from the field.

In Lithuania, the 3D seismic on Raiseiniai license show promise. More than a dozen potentially oil bearing reefal structures have been identified. Drilling is expected to start after the summer, and if luck stays with us, Lithuanian reserves and production could also increase.

Financially, we have strengthened our balance sheet and signed a four year, up to MUSD 100, senior revolving reserve based lending facility. The lending facility will reduce and optimize the financing costs as well as increase our operational and financial flexibility. The MSEK 400 bond loan has been redeemed.

The numbers underscores that we are in a better position than ever before. Our financial numbers are at record levels. Our production is at record levels. Drilling activity is at record levels. And the number of shareholders are at record levels. So welcome on-board and stay with us.


Stockholm in May 2014

Magnus Nordin                                                              

Managing Director


For further information, please contact:

Magnus Nordin. Managing Director. phone: +46 8 505 947 02. e-mail:magnus@tethysoil.com


Morgan Sadarangani. CFO. phone +46 8 505 947 01. e-mail:morgan@tethysoil.com


Om Tethys Oil

Tethys Oil är ett svenskt oljebolag med fokus på onshoreområden med kända oljefynd. Tethys kärnområde är Oman, där bolaget har 22 miljoner fat i bevisade och sannolika oljereserver och 17 miljoner fat i betingade resurser 2C. Under 2017 hade Tethys Oil en genomsnittlig oljeproduktion om 12 162 fat om dagen från Block 3&4. Tethys Oil har också prospekteringstillgångar onshore Frankrike och Litauen och viss produktion i Litauen. Aktierna är noterade på Nasdaq Stockholm (TETY).