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France Eng 350Tethys has interests in two French licences. The licence Permis du Bassin D’Alès, an exploration and production licence in the Alès basin in southern France. The Attila licence is located in the oil and gas producing Paris basin, some 250 kilometers east of Paris. Currently there are no on-going activities on the French licences. Because of political reasons it is uncertain if or when any oil and gas exploration can be conducted in France.

About Tethys Oil

Tethys Oil is a mid sized Swedish oil company with focus on onshore areas with known oil discoveries. Tethys Oil's core area is Oman, where the company holds 2P reserves of 21.4 mmbo and has an oil production of about 12,000 barrels per day from Blocks 3&4. Tethys Oil also has onshore exploration licences in Lithuania and France and some production in Lithuania. The head office is located in Stockholm and the company's shares are listed on Nasdaq Stockholm (TETY).